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Looks Tasty

Most nutrionists are good at telling what you should eat, as well as what the health benefits are when you make good nutritional choices. Nutritionists like Fay Kazzi, however, have a different approach to food, providing a new way for her clients to like the healthier foods they may have never tried or tasted.


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Video included! Eating raw and organic foods is one way people with digestive issues adopt to stay healthy and eliminate symptoms. The Paleo Diet is a popular choice, but finding desserts that work within the standards of the Paleo Diet was a problem until Paleo Treats came along.

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Martha Stewart Was My Health Guru!


After working 15 years with Martha Stewart, eight-time Emmy-Award Winning TV Producer Christina Deyo learned and adopted Martha's secrets to staying healthy.

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Hands-On Nutrition

with Kyle MacFarlane

Kyle MacFarlane Co-Founder of the Kyle MacFarlane Foundation demonstrates how to cook a healthy and simple dinner consisting of grilled chicken, asparagus and a light salad. Kyle himself has an un-diagnosed disease which has plagued him for more than a decade. During that time, MacFarlane has worked with doctors, nutritionists and many healthcare professionals to alter his eating habits to simply survive. His goals, and those of the Foundation, is to raise awareness of the benefits of healthy eating, which are known causes for other diseases such as Crohns, Diabetis, Colitis and others.


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Power Of Movement

Fitness Personality and Spokesperson Rosalie Brown discusses the importance of Keeping Your Body In Motion. . .

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You Are What You Eat!

Our Sensitivity With Food Is A Work In Progress And Still Poses Many Questions That Need To Be Answered.


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The Digestive Cycle